Holiday Ritual Kit : Body Candle + Cleansing Soap

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Lighting intentions for the new year, bringing mindfulness to our bodies. This kit contains one Cocoa Body Candle and one Body Bar of your choice. It is perfect as a gift, bringing forth the elements of water and fire for a physical and energetic cleanse. 

Body Bars are 3-in-1 cleaning soaps for hair, face and body. They are a powerful natural alternative to shampoos and other synthetic detergents that flood the wellness industry. Scented exclusively with essential oils and free of any synthetics, these are an easy and revolutionary introduction to natural hair and body care. 

    The Cocoa body candle is made with unrefined organic cocoa butter, locally sourced beeswax, and organic unrefined oils of olive and jojoba. Its warm and sweet scent comes exclusively from the cacao and beeswax, making it suitable for sensitive skin. No fragrances or essential oils are added.

    To use it, simply light the candle, wait for it to melt until the edges are liquid, and gently pour on your hands (or on a small container). Use the melted butter to massage your body or face, bringing nourishment and protection to your skin. 

    • Matcha: our classic bar, unscented and made especially for sensitive skin. Antioxidant matcha and nutty sesame oil create a gentle, deeply nourishing bar.
    • Red Clay: Known as a blend that activates the sacred feminine, this Lavender and Tea Tree bar is refreshing and calming, made in a swirls of red clay that reminds us of clay dunes and white sands. 
    • MIST: Spirulina, Activated charcoal, rosemary, peppermint & cypress. Refreshing green bar with a detoxifying line of activated charcoal in the middle
    • TERRA: Red clay, Sweet orange, Frankincense & Clove. Red and white bar in a Christmas inspired swirl , this spicy and grounding bar is inspired by warm holiday spices.