Zero Waste Kit - Body Edition

Zero Waste Kit - Body Edition

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The Zero Waste Kit [ Body Edition ] takes care of your body, hair and mouth for an entire month. With all essential products needed for cleaning, we will help you switch to a low waste routine, done without synthetic, fillers, or single use plastic.

That's less than U$2.00 a day to keep your mouth, hair and body clean and healthy!

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- 1 4oz. Spray Deodorant (baking soda and aluminum free)
- 1 4oz. Red Clay Body Bar: For hair, face and body
- 1 2oz Rosemary + Mint Toothpaste
Paper: Please recycle or compost all paper. Labels are backyard compostable.
Glass: Please reuse, return or recycle all bottles. Spray caps can be reused with your product refill.
Aluminum: Please rinse off and recycle packaging.