Changes are coming! A personal entry from our founder

I started learning about herbs and oils back in college on the East Coast in 2013. Since then, I have moved over 7 times, accepting the flow of life and taking the opportunity to learn along my journeys. Circular Bodies has moved with me; before then, my creative process has travelled beyond borders many times, always allowing me to learn, grow, expand and meet new plants and people along the way.

Circular Bodies is what I call a "local brand." To us, being local does not mean staying in one place forever. Instead, it means entering each new space with respect and reverence to its people and plant medicines, taking the time to learn about which occupied territory we are on, the native plants that surround us, and their traditional medicinal uses. Being local to me means connecting to wherever I am at, knowing that any place is part of our home planet, and deserves our care and presence.

After an incredible time growing Circular Bodies in California and connecting to my community (hey, you!) in local markets and workshops, I was recently presented with the opportunity to move again and keep deepening my studies and my connection to design and nature. Graduate school is a privilege not all can partake in, and I was offered a position to research design thinking in the ways it impacts our daily lives, looking at alternative, ancient and indigenous ways of living and looking at ways to integrate it back into our systems. It feels impossible to say no to this opportunity, especially knowing in my heart it can enrich my work with plants and deepen my relationship with indigenous communities and earth keepers.

The time has come to leave California to what feels temporary (we will see!). Circular Bodies will join me across the country as I dedicate some time to my graduate studies. I am so grateful for the community I have, which will allow me to partake in this research without compromising the operations of Circular Bodies. With that said, don’t worry! Our online store will keep operating, and we will still be at the Grand Lake Farmers Market in Oakland - more on that soon! Some good news is now we will have *in person markets* in the midwest, and that we will continue our commitment to support small, organic farmers across the U.S.

I am incredibly thankful to every person I met in Oakland, who became a part of my community, visited us in the farmers market to talked about different healing oils or ways to practice self care. I am looking forward to showing up at Lake Merritt with hand made products, which will still be at our booth, now run by a dear friend of mine. I am also excited to keep supporting local growers through the products I craft, and expanding our team as I integrate my studies into this journey.

Thank you for being part of our journey! If you are in the West Coast, I hope to catch you this month in one of our markets and wherever you are at, I can't wait to keep preparing orders for you, as we become local in a new place. 




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