Jojoba: the wax that our skin loves

One of Circular Bodies’ favorite ingredients is jojoba oil. This light wax that helps replenish our skin is a hero ingredient in our Matcha Serum. We source our Jojoba locally and work with an organic grower to make sure our jojoba is sustainably and ethically sourced. But with so many oils out there, why did we choose jojoba?.

Jojoba is a shrub or small tree with multiple stems that grows in dry, arid places. Jojoba seeds grow on a single bush and are ready to be harvested when the hulls easily fall off.


Centuries ago, the Native American extracted a luminous golden liquid from jojoba seeds to heal, soothe and restore their skin. This ancient super-ingredient is still used today in our products because it produces high protection for our skin. That is because jojoba is almost identical to the oil that our skin produces. In other words, jojoba oil makes your skin highly receptive to vital nutrients and antioxidants from omegas, vitamins A, D and E, that restore its natural balance. It is also able to nourish and regenerate skin cells.


Let’s travel to a warm, desertic place in the United States: Arizona. We source our jojoba oil locally, from a family farm in Southwest Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Kirk and his father have cultivated and produced cold pressed jojoba oil since 1980. Why did we choose Kirk’s farm? His jojoba oil is cold pressed and unrefined. That means that no heat is added for its extraction, which allows it to obtain the highest nutrient content. Additionally, the jojoba oil goes directly from Kirk’s farm to our products, a real “farm to skin” approach!

Learn more about Jojoba Pure here.


Our Matcha Serum was formulated with the magic of jojoba in mind. The serum contains jojoba oil to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. It helps your skin to defend itself against everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins. We added rosemary and tea tree to the formula to improve hair and scalp health, as well as prevent pimples and improve acne.The Matcha Serum is simple but effective to help you restore and protect your skin, keeping your health in mind. 
It’s moisturizing.
It’s antibacterial.
It’s an antioxidant.
It’s hypoallergenic
It helps control sebum production.

Curious to try jojoba oil and discover its benefits for your hair and skin?

TRY OUR MATCHA SERUM, a 100% organic serum to nourish and protect your hair and face.

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