Our 4 Sustainability Pillars

Sustainability is a broad, often misused word. At Circular Bodies we value transparency, and because of that we created this post to talk a bit about our ingredient choices.

We source our ingredients directly from the earth, always looking for the most wholesome, unrefined version of each plant and mineral. Our recipes are formulated to follow the following parameters to guarantee safety, sustainability and efficiency. But what defines sustainability beyond packaging and ingredients? Below you will find 4 sustainability pillars that are core to our work at Circular Bodies and go beyond your ingredient label.



 Our ingredients are minimally refined, which means we look for their purest form. The earth has plants and minerals that can be consciously used for human healing. We try to potentialize these ingredients by including them in whole, unrefined form in our products. Refining them through lab-based processes isolate their properties. We acknowledge plants and minerals are special and wholesome in their natural forms, and we honor that by using whole, minimally refined ingredients. 


 Before adding an ingredient to any of our recipes we look at science and history and ask: How long has this ingredient been around? Has it been used by indigenous communities and in ancient healing practices and traditions? There are new cosmetic substances being developed each day. Even when proven safe by modern science, they have not been around for long enough for us to understand the health and environmental impacts they might have in the future. By opting to use ancient ingredients we guarantee our recipe components have been safely used for generations and honor the wisdom that has been carried by humans and time. We believe in honoring plant medicine wisdom from generation to generation. 


Humans have been using the soil for food and resources for years, but while some practices follow a rebalance of the ecosystem and respect biodiversity, mono-crops and synthetic fertilizers weaken the land, impacting the health our our planet and causing desertification. By partnering with organic producers and small farmers using regenerative practices we assure the making our our ingredients came with a long term responsibility to the land: Regenerating the land as we plant allows our ecosystems to thrive in balance with human action, bringing long term benefits to us, our earth and the future generations of live. 


Fillers and synthetic preservatives are widely used in skin and home care to cheapen product prices and increase profit. We pick wholesome, all natural ingredients and don't use any fillers or artificial preservatives. Our products contain wholesomeness in every drop, and you are only paying for ingredients that directly and positively affect your skin and home. Our formulas are minimal, clean and boasted with botanical that efficiently take care of you. Concentrated ingredients work to bring results without distracting agents. Our recipes are made with minimal ingredients for maximum positive impact. 

I hope this post helps you understand a bit more about our sourcing process! If you have any questions you can always reach out to us at hello@circularbodies.com. 



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