Is Healthy Looking Hair Always Healthy?

Not really. but let me explain.

Your hair products can make your hair look amazing but still be compromising your health and our planet. How so?

1. Ingredients matter.

 Haircare brands add synthetic additives to make your hair look instantly good. The biggest example in the industry is silicone. What we don't often know, is that silicone coats your hair and prevents nutrients and oils from nourishing it, causing breakage over time.

(And they are also petroleum based, bringing environmental concerns on biodegradability and extraction)!

2. The vicious cycle of the "wellness" industry


When using synthetic shampoos and conditioners, your hair is dorment inside layers of substances that do not allow it to self regulate.

3. What to expect when changing to natural haircare

Making your hair actually look healthy might be a longer process, but it is irreversible: once you get to know your natural hair you will most likely never want to use "pharmacy shampoos" again. But how exactly is the process?

It might take a while

It might take some time for you to adapt. That silicone build up will slowly be released and your scalp oils will take time to regulate.

Your hair will look different

The hair you know now is a hair coated with build up that makes it look completely different form what it is naturally meant to me. This means that after you finish transitioning to natural haircare, your hair will probably look very different from what it does now. It might change shape and texture, get thicker, more curly, and have less frizz. Surprise, you will meet your real hair!

Scalp flakiness, sensitivities and eczema will likely be reduced to zero.

When you cut off the use of detergents and irritants, your hair regulates its production of natural oils, which are designed by our (very smart) bodies to protect you. Once that barrier is rebuilt, a lot of sensitivities might improve and scalp flakiness will happen way less often, if ever. 

 4. Where to start

Choose a saponified, biodegradable shampoo bar that is free of synthetic coloring and fragrances. We love all our Body bars as a "shampoo" alternative!

5. How to transition

Time and discipline are important. You will have to cut off shampoo, conditioners and leave ins, as they will keep deregulating your hair and creating build up. It is tempting to apply one less layer of silicone to hair so it instantly looks soft and shiny, but that will just delay the process of allowing your hair to regulate its own shine through its own unique oils, produced by your scalp to specifically fulfill your hair needs (isn't it amazing how all our body needs to help us is to be left alone to do its job?)

"But my hair is looking dry". Instead of using a conditioner, all you need along the way is a saponified shampoo bar + a hair oil or butter, such as our Matcha Serum or Calm Cream.

Your hair will never be the same, and I have a feeling you (and the earth) will like that. Are you ready to give it a try?

Have any questions about natural body + hair care? Let us know in the comments!

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