Our hibiscus facial grains are more than just a scrub. Here are 3 different ways to use it!

Did you know that Circular Bodies Hibiscus Facial Grain contains purple cornmeal? This special ingredient is only one of our selected plant based ingredients in its formula, which was thoughtfully created to take care of your skin.


Purple corn is a natural exfoliant, thanks to its grainy texture. Earth is rich in natural ingredients that are safe, and beneficial for our bodies. Cornmeal can absorb excessive skin oil and renew the skin’s outer layer, gently.


The purple corn meal we source has an extraordinary story.

It starts in Northern California, where farmers provide high quality organic grains to Early Bird Farm (our farm supplier!). From there, grains are milled following an ancient technique old of 30,000 years. This handmade technique uses granite stones to preserve the integrity of the grain by keeping the temperatures low. Grains keep all their nutrients, quality and freshness.

The purple cornmeal we source is milled the same way it has been done since Roman times, to obtain 100% whole grain product with superior quality that your skin can benefit from.


We selected purple corn meal as one of the high performance ingredients in our recipe, because it nourishes, exfoliates and cleanses your skin. Save some time and space in your cabinets, it is 3-in-1! The results? This product naturally leaves skin balanced and with a healthy glow.

Three ways to use…

As a scrub by massaging onto your face in circular motion. The combination of purple corn and sweet orange will exfoliate gently your skin to remove the dead skin and leave it brighter. It will help prevent breakouts and increase circulation.

As a cleanser by mixing directly water and the grains in your hands. Hibiscus is full of antioxidants to protect naturally your skin barrier. Regular facial cleansing allows the skin to maintain a proper level of hydration.

As a mask by leaving it on your face for 10 minutes and then rinse. The arrowroot will soften skin. Using Hibiscus Facial Grains as a mask nourishes your skin to prevent possible inflammatory reactions. Your skin will stay soft, supple, and radiant.

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