Introducing Our Summer Team

This summer, Circular Bodies welcomed a very special team of interns to work across design, marketing and sustainability. Here is a bit about our team. Circular Bodies would not be where it is at if it wasn't for this special group that has been with us this summer.
Avita is our Digital Marketing intern. She is a New York based creative with a love for storytelling, interactivity and innovative modes of thinking, Avita is a rising senior at Parsons School of Design continuing her education in the Strategic Design & Management BBA Program. To her, the purpose of design is to serve a greater good and leave spaces better than one finds them. 
Brought up in New Delhi, she takes pride in her Indian heritage and uses her everyday bicultural interactions as a source of inspiration while envisioning a better tomorrow. Keen on the concept of sustainability, she strives to inculcate its “green motive” into everything she creates.
Jenna is our Community Education and Sustainability intern at Circular Bodies. She newly graduated from Eugene Lang, which is part of The New School for those who may not know. She has a BA in environmental studies with a minor in food studies. She is continuing her education  at The New School pursuing a masters degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management. 
She is very interested in learning more from the farmers Circular Bodies sources their ingredients from. She is interested to hear how they are incorporating sustainability practices into their farming, and how they feel about the future of farming . She is also interested in learning more about varying careers in the environmental/sustainability realm.
Marion is our Sustainable Sourcing intern at Circular Bodies. She is a citizen of the world. She is passionate about fashion, especially how it impacts our world and people's daily life. She enjoys traveling, and has lived in various countries such as Australia, China, Costa Rica, France and Spain, which built her personality over the years and taught her the importance of being open-minded, curious, and thoughtful about every action we take. She just graduated from Parsons, and obtained a MA in Fashion Studies, where she learned to understand fashion in all its forms. Her areas of interest are time and beauty, human rights in global fashion, and the timelessness of Fashion luxury.
Sharon is our Creative Strategy and Digital Design intern. She is a rising senior studying product design and minoring in communications design at Parsons. She was born and raised in New York. Her hobbies include cooking/baking, traveling, and listening to music.
Laiba is our product design intern for the summer. She is a product design major at parsons school of design. She grew up in India and shifted to the US for college. She grew up with her mother and she absolutely loves nature, so it was a big part of her life while growing up. Always involved in gardening, she loves (more like an obsession) all things floral. Overall, she is excited to be a part of the circular bodies internship program and is looking forward to new experiences!
Madeline is consulting in UX and UI design for us this summer, and enthusiastically joined our 10 week intern ship schedule to help us improve our digital experience for Circular Bodies. She moved back to her home city of Sacramento after graduating from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. in 2018. She is now enrolled in Designlab’s UX Academy. She loves camping in the Redwoods, adding to her quote collection, and obsessing over anything miniature.
Miranda is consulting for us this summer. She in working on our digital creative direction and reimagining our website UI. She has worked with our founder in the past and we are so excited to welcome her into our team this summer and have her share her creative vision with our team. She is a digital designer and front-end coder based in New York (and sometimes her hometown, Toronto).

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