Natural Tips to Improve Sensitive Skin

Balancing sensitive skin is super important to promote long term health. Besides stress management and a healthy diet, there are simple day-to-day tips that can help. We complied some easy, natural ways to protect sensitive skin and avoid rashes, dryness and conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

1. Maintain your skin's natural protection layer

Our skin produces essential oils (sebum) that helps protect and regulate skin health. Use a natural mild soap (like our Matcha Body Bar) when showering and wash chest, arms, back and legs with water. Use soap for entire body only 1-2x a week.

 2. Avoid hot water

Hot showers can irritate skin and make it more sensitive to dryness. Take a warm showers instead, or clean your body with a warm washcloth in alternate days.

3. Seal in skin moisture with a nourishing oil/butter

After you shower, use an oil or butter to seal in moisture. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances and petroleum based ingredients, as they pollute the waters and can increase skin sensitivities.

4. Make a chamomile + oatmeal bath

Bathing in oatmeal and chamomile helps calm the skin and alleviate irritations.

Boil water and chamomile in a pan, add oats and blend in a blender. Add the mixture to a bathtub or use a clean cloth to spread it on your body. Let your skin absorb it for 10+ minutes

Additional Tips

  •  Natural fibers are gentler on skin. Choose organic cotton and linen and wear looser clothes when skin is irritated.
  •  Use a neutral laundry detergents like our Home Cleaning Powder to avoid allergies from synthetic fragrances.
  • Drink liquids and keep stress under control to prevent breakouts.


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