Circular Bodies & the Circular Economy

“Knowing that you love the earth changes you, activates you to defend and protect and celebrate. But when you feel that the earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.” Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Why we believe in connecting to the earth

Being connected to the earth is a core value at Circular Bodies. To us, circularity means considering every part of our product's journey to make sure our practices will be a part of nature’s cycles of renewal. We feel a deep sense of gratitude for the earth and we want our products to honour that gratitude, while helping you feel that same connection to your surroundings. We believe making products is not only about what the earth can provide for us, but about how we can thank the earth for its offerings.

What is the Circular Economy & why is it important?

The Circular Economy is a concept that redefines growth and focuses on positive society-wide benefits. It might seem complex, but to us it is simple. Circular Bodies values the circularity aspect of everything we create. We want our products to cycle back into the earth with minimal to no negative impact. The Circular economy, as explained by the Ellen Macarthur foundation, “aims to redefine growth by gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system. It is based on three principles:

  1. Designing out waste and pollution
  2. Keeping products and materials in use
  3. Regenerating natural systems.”

If these concepts sound familiar to you, take a look at our circularity practices to see how Circular Bodies aligns with the three principles of the circular economy.

CIrcular Economy x Linear Economy

Circular Economy and linear economy are very different things. The linear economy is what is most recognized and used across the US. It is an economy that creates products and goods without considering the final impact those products will have on our environment. Because of that, it uses a great deal of resources and disposes of a great deal of waste. How is value created within this type of economy? This economic system creates value by producing and selling as many products as possible - without keeping in mind the health of the earth. Which economic system would you rather Circular Bodies be part of?

But how do we create Circularity?

Circular Bodies wants to ensure that nature, and the health of the environment are first and foremost when creating new products. We do that from the ingredients and packaging we source, to where our empty containers go when you’re done using them. We do not want to use a large amount of resources because it leads to a large amount of waste. The main focus is the earth’s health, not a process that is going to turn out the most profit while doing irreversible damage to the environment. 

The most important action done by Circular Bodies to create circularity is making sure all of our products are 100% biodegradable. We want to be able to create day to day products that do not disrupt the environment’s natural balance. Some other initiatives that we have are our take back program where we try our best to keep as many containers out of the landfill and in use. We want to encourage and inspire consumers to shift their patterns of consumption to lead to this idea of slow living

We hope this helped you learn a bit more about circularity and how we do our part in honoring it. How has the circular economy inspired your day-to-day life? How has Circular Bodies changed, or not changed, the way you view beauty wellness products? Let us know in the comments!

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