5 things that make Circular Bodies exceptional

Why should you become part of the Circular Bodies community? Here are 5 reasons why we stand out and stay true to our values.

  1. Multi-purpose products 

Have you ever looked under your bathroom or kitchen sink and wished you did not need so many different products to maintain your house and body? Why do we need separate cleaners for hard surfaces and windows? What about a soap that's gentle enough to use on your body and face? Can you imagine how much space would be saved? Not to mention the amount of plastic bottles and shopping trips?

At Circular Bodies, we believe in creating multi use products that help us minimize the amount of things we need in our day to day. We make our home cleaning powder that can clean everything from your clothes, to your home surfaces to your dishes. We also make body bars that are safe and effective on your hair, body, and face. All ingredients used to make our body bars protect both the hair and skin’s essential oils - just in case you were wondering how one bar of soap could do so much without harm. We skip all the fillers and preservatives and use ingredients in their minimally processed form so you’re only paying for earth-based ingredients and products that positively impact your body.         

If you have limited space or want to simplify your life, these are the products for you. Say goodbye to all those bottles under your kitchen sink and bathroom sink! Say hello to a more minimal sense of living. The less product you need to buy the better it is for your pocket.

  1. Good for the Earth

Remember how we mentioned minimal living? Minimal living is not just beneficial for you, but it also ends up being better for the environment. By using multi-purpose products, you’re cutting out countless single-use plastic bottles. You are also cutting down on the fuel costs by not buying a series of mass produced cleaning solutions (whether it be for the home or body). Mass produced cleaning solutions normally go through several phases of travel to get to your doorstep, think about all the fossil fuels being used and all the negative environmental and health impacts they have. In general, less packaging is being used with multi-purpose products. Our packaging at Circular Bodies creates minimal impact because they are mostly compostable and plastic free. But it still takes energy and resources to create them (link to packaging article). Creating multi-purpose products is a way to avoid creating too much waste and using too many resources.

Single-use Plastic

  1. Natural, Simple, and Clean ingredients 

Circular Bodies uses ingredients that are 100% biodegradable, mostly organic and mainly unrefined, which is not your usual home and body product average. 70-75% percent of the cleaning products for home and body contain synthetic ingredients and fillers. Some synthetic ingredients and fillers are known endocrine disruptors which cause harm to your health (link to ingredients post). Circular Bodies uses natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective and safe through generations of use, they also allow for maximization of benefits to your skin, body, and home. You can pronounce every ingredient that goes into our products, which is super important to understand how those products affect your health. Our 4 Sustainability Pillars will answer any questions you have on the importance we place on our ingredients used in our products.                                       

  1. Human Health

We strive to take care of all humans and plants involved in our supply chain when making our products.  We do not use synthetic preservatives or fragrances in any of our products. We know and understand the power of essential oils, and we use essential oils and plant extracts instead of many synthetic fragrances. Essential oils have been used for centuries on the skin and are known for their healing properties and aromatherapy. Whereas most over the counter soaps and shampoos are detergents because they are synthetically made, stronger, and more aggressive, our formulas are mild and gentle, using the power or plants to take care of your body and home. Due to the use of our natural, unrefined ingredients paired with our simple formulas, our products are highly moisturizing and protect the skin layer which makes them safe to use on sensitive skin and babies.

Safe for child use

  1. Closing the loop with circular practices           

At Circular Bodies, we try our best to use resources mindfully. The earth provides us with so much and we respect its balance by using only what is needed, without creating excess or waste. One of the ways we do that is through our take back program for all our glass bottles, where we ask that you accumulate 4 or more bottles to send back to us for reuse, which allows our products to create no waste through packaging. You can also reuse the containers for another purpose.Our goal is to keep all our product packaging out of the landfill for as long as possible. We want to keep circularity as a core aspect of our business and think about that at every design decision and supply chain decision we make.

  Many Moons Canvas Tote     

We also have our many moons canvas tote currently available in our collection,  which reminds us to conserve resources and avoid the use of plastic bags, which are constantly being made and thrown away. Our canvas totes have the ability to withstand many conditions and weights which makes them durable and long lasting. Lastly, our canvas totes save wildlife because they are reusable. We save smaller animals from getting trapped inside plastic bags and larger animals from eating them. 

These are just a few things that make Circular Bodies exceptional. If you want to learn more about our circularity practices check out our circularity page! Let us know how these 5 reasons relate to your relationship with Circular Bodies and our products.

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